Why not create this building? :D
#1 23-09-2012 
I really like strange buildings, but I think it's impossible to reproduce on the sims:

[Image: BandraOhmResidentialTowerInMumbaiIndia.jpg]
(Hotel Bandra Ohm Residential Tower In Mumbai, India )

#2 23-09-2012 
Wow, Deb! Don't think I could create this!
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#3 24-09-2012 
Its an amazing building. The best we could do in Sims would be a hood object though I think.
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#4 24-09-2012 
I think that building would be a structural engineer's worst nightmare...

#5 24-09-2012 
How Awesome is that!!! That is wayy way WAYY outta my league lol
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