Filter in a page?
#1 05-10-2012 
Hi Lee. I would like to add a page called "Discounts". In this page I'll put all coupons and discounts but I would like to have a "filter", like in this forum:

So I have: discounts for make up, discounts for food etc etc.

Is hard to do it?

Thank you!

#2 05-10-2012 
Hi Deb

It does require XThreads and it is all hardcoded (the list is made like the select list we made recently) but it is very easy to do.

Those are Mybb Prefixes used there.
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#3 05-10-2012 
Uhm..then each select is a post in the forum?

I had also thought to Trading forum by Xthreads, but I do not know if the result would be nice.

#4 05-10-2012 
well, you make a thread - and then choose a filter, from the list.

Then, in thread list, there is a whole filter built. If you click on a title from the list then it returns a thread.
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#5 05-10-2012 
Ah, ok, can I download a file, plugin or tutorial for filter by Xthreads or it is all your edit? Big Grin


Sorry, that is a members only option