• What do you think about SimCity?
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Simcity (2013) will be released in February 2013. What do you think about this new release and about Simcity in general?

I have hardly ever played with a Simcity, it does not attract me much, it seems boring.

Official Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyIRsLoWTgA

At the end of video there is also godzilla Big Grin

#2 07-10-2012
I loved SimCity back in the day, and was so excited when this was first announced. However, the more I see of it, the less excited I am Sad

It looks very - "dumbed down" and I am also hesitant about the requirement to play online to get many features.

* leefish does not play well with others

#3 07-10-2012
It seems boring to me too. So much so that I couldn't finish watching the video. But I've always been far more interested in playing with my sim characters than in building houses or neighbourhoods. Perhaps folks who like building houses and neighbourhoods will like this game.

#4 09-10-2012
Oh, to me it looked like fun!

I've always been a Sim City fan. I didn't get Sim City Societies because it looked boring and ideological (would I have liked it better if it had been my own ideology instead of one I didn't like? I honestly don't know). But I loved Sim City, and Sim City 2000, and Sim City 3000, and Sim City 4.

This looks like it's right up my alley!

#5 09-10-2012
Ive always liked Sim City, have a love/hate relationship with Sim City Social on Facebook. Would like to play the new one, but they always seem to be too expensive!

#6 09-10-2012
I'm a single-player player, so - like Lee - I will NOT be getting this, unless some kind of 'no connection' .exe is released at some point.

#7 09-10-2012
From what I have read, all game features will be available, weather you play solo, on a local lan game, or on a web game. As a fan of Sim City, this is begining to look like something I will buy.

I'm going to be keeping up with it, and will let you know as the time gets closer, what I find out.

#8 09-10-2012
Is local lan available RebaLynn? When I was reading about this earlier in the year it looked like a NO and that REAL multiplayer was only possible via EA server.

Of course, you can have computer opponents in offline mode, but that is not really the same. The concern of course is that EA will just pull the plug on the server after X time and we are all sat with a "useless" game.

This post > http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/8374852.page

Seems to imply that it is a requirement of "always online", and that there IS NO OFFLINE MODE.

Absolutely NOT gonna buy it.

#9 09-10-2012
Hmm, it looks like it could be interesting, but I, too, don't want to have to play in an online mode. I probably won't end up getting it...

#10 10-10-2012
Exactly. NOT doing that. I've been there with EA already, and don't need it to revisit that place.


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