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Do you see the confused look on these sims faces? That's exactly how I felt when I realized I needed to pose them to show off these towel default replacements for the Bon Voyage massage table. Regardless of the pictures, the towels are actually very nice and aren't recolors but a change in the txmt to point to the different color towels already in game (which means they're teeny-tiny files). So instead of the white towels, sims can spin into different colored towels when they get a massage.

[Image: all2.jpg]

There's three different colors to choose from for each age and sex. I wasn't sure the best way to upload these but decided to upload them by color. For instance, if you want all of your sims to wear black towels when they get a massage all you need to download is the black file (which contains all six towel default replacements) plop it in your downloads folder and you're good to go.

If you like a little more variety you can download all three of the colors and mix and match them. You can only have one color towel for each sex and age group though so you'll have to delete some of the files before putting these in your downloads folder if you go that route. Pick ONE for each of these:
  • afbodysaunatowel - adult female
  • ambodysaunatowel - adult male
  • efbodysaunatowel - elder female
  • embodysaunatowel - elder male
  • tfbodysaunatowel - teen female
  • tmbodysaunatowel - teen male

Recommended Mods:
fanseelamb unlocked all of the BV towels and made them available in the Bodyshop, CAS and buy menus. And DarkPhoenixxx made a global mod that allows teens to use the massage table.

As usual, thanks to EA, Gimp, SimPE and leefish for providing a great place to share. Smile
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You're welcome to use anything of mine, no matter where it's from, however you'd like.

Towel Default Replacements Screenshot Towel Default Replacements Screenshot Towel Default Replacements Screenshot Towel Default Replacements Screenshot Towel Default Replacements Screenshot      
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#2 07-10-2012
What a good idea. Thanks for sharing, Honey. Smile

#3 07-10-2012
Thanks fansee! I was tempted to chop the heads off of your towel previews and go with that but in the end I thought my pitiful sims and inept posing was kinda cute. Big Grin

#4 08-10-2012
LOL Honey, ain't nothing wrong with your batch of uncooperative sims. They're very cute and far better than a bunch of sims with their heads cut off - besides, my pics wouldn't have shown teens or elders anyway.


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