Private forum only for certain members
#1 10-10-2012 
Hi Lee, do you know if exist a plugin o edit for this? I would like to have a forum that only certain members can access to it.
All other members see only title of the forum but when they click on title, there is an error page (not permissions).

A bit as "forum with password" but without password, only members of a certain group. And other members can't see latest post in the index.

Is it possible? Sad thanks

#2 11-10-2012 
I have seen this request a lot of times - you want users to be able to see the forum on index, but not see the threads within it.

On mybbhacks there was a whole discussion on it.

There is no plugin for it, but you can maybe make a setup using if else or a template set.
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#3 12-10-2012 
Ok, then I'll searching on mybbhacks Sad thank you!

maybe this?

#4 13-10-2012 
I have resolved, maybe..I clicked on "edit permissions", guests can see forum but not threads and now it is ok

#5 13-10-2012 
Deb Deb
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#6 13-10-2012 
Uhm no, I did other way, not "AdminCP -> Users & Groups -> Groups -> Guests -> Forums and Posts -> Viewing Options -> Can view threads?"


"AdminCP -> Forum and messages -> my Forum -> Permissions -> Edit Permissions -> Can view Forum?"


Sorry, that is a members only option