Enabling an object's debug menu option for use in normal gameplay mode?
#1 11-10-2012 
The title basically says it all. There's a Maxis object with a useful debug menu option. I'd like to make this menu option available in normal gameplay mode so I don't need to enable testingcheats and shift-click to use it. But how? I looked into this a while back and couldn't figure it out. Surely someone here must know?

#2 11-10-2012 
The first thing you should try is editing the pie menu strings by deleting the part that says DEBUG in front of the menu text -- that'll make the option available for you to choose without being in debug mode. Dunno if the command will actually work though as I've never tried it and can't think of anything to test it on off the top of my head.

#3 11-10-2012 
Yeah, that's the first thing I originally tried and it didn't work. Dang. Actually I just tried it again and even though I changed the wording in the pie menus, it still uses the original wording in the game. How odd...

The object in question is the "clotheshorse" community clothing rack, btw. It has a "test outfit" debug menu option that's pefect for testing clothes once you make the rack buyable on residential lots.

#4 11-10-2012 
I believe there's some setting in the object's TTAB that needs to be changed, for any *DEBUG* option to show up in normal menus. And for some of those options, I believe one needs to alter the "Guardian BHAV". In most cases, the *DEBUG* options use a Guardian named "Hide menu", which causes the menu option to not show, normally.

Changing the menu text serves no purpose at all.

#5 12-10-2012 
Ah, thank you very much BO! It's way too late for me to wrap my head around that at the moment but I'll definitely look into it when I'm more awake. Smile

ETA: Well I'm awake now and still unable to follow. This object doesn't seem to have a TTAB or a Guardian BHAV, and I wouldn't know how to go about adding either of those things. Dang.


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