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This is the halftime performance of The Ohio State University Marching Band. The theme was Video games - how many can you recognise?

I like marching bands, and this really is a great performance

* leefish tells red hat guy to SIT DOWN

#2 12-10-2012
Wow, Lee, that's so clever!

I used to play the bugle in a marching band when I was a teenager. We used to play at fetes and sometimes we did some figure marching. It is so difficult to do, especially whilst playing!

#3 12-10-2012
That was awesome. The horse was epic. Thanks for sharing, Lee Smile

#4 12-10-2012
Boooo Ohio State!

But this is a cool video. I used to be in marching band in high school. Smile

But still, boooooo Ohio State!

#5 12-10-2012
lol Twi Big Grin

Rah for Penn State (got a band video?)

BOOO for Ohio State (awesome band though)

#7 13-10-2012
Cmo Wrote:That was awesome. The horse was epic. Thanks for sharing, Lee Smile

Indeed, Epona Big Grin I squee'd when I saw that. I still remember waiting outside the video store to get my hands on Ocarina of Time so I could play with Epona. Good times.

#8 30-01-2014
There is a reason they are the "Best Damn Band In The Land"! And you go somewhere else with your "booo" Twi Tongue Proud Buckeye over here Wink

#9 31-01-2014
I was always more into corp than college bands... (the Bridgemen were my favorites!)
This is a really great half-time show! The horse through to "game over" was just plain awesome Celebrate

Classic Bridgemen:


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