Family Guy House
#1 14-10-2012 
I had the idea for a long time to make the family guy house for The Sims 2 ever since I saw the Sims 3 version. I like the way it looks so far, could use some extra tweaking though, that's where you all come in. I know how to mesh most things, and make walls and floors, I know how to recolor everything. I've already added new meshes a ground cover, and a recolor to this lot. I can do more if I need to. I can't mesh doors or windows right now. I wonder what you all think of this.


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#2 14-10-2012 
I think it's a really good start Jon, but I think it would benefit a lot from being scaled down. I'd make it 9 or so tiles wide on that front bit so you have 4 tiles on each side of the door. Then you can have the two-tile windows centered on each half without all the extra room. Also, I think the roof pitch could come down a smidge. I love the screened-in porch!

#3 14-10-2012 
Thanks Twi, I've been working on some more custom content for it, I think you're right too about the size of the lot it's too big to be the family guy house. Of course that means I'll probably have to start over from scratch, but that's okay I think I can look at this picture and determine what I had made before.

Okay hmm I don't know if I should make it smaller I worked so hard on it so far, it would be a shame to start all over and I don't remember exactly all I did. But with this version, I think it looks much, much more like 31 Spooner St. than what I posted here originally. Take a look. I personally don't think it *has* to be smaller. Now I just need a decorative chimney, anybody know where I can find a Maxis match one?



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