Back.. and hopefully to stay this time..
#1 23-10-2012 
Well, when i registered here, i had plans to stay active here...

I guess its easy to see i failed my first try on that one. some trouble with the game happened, real life happened and.. yeah... * scratches back of head* i hope you guys and girls here do second chances..?

I also have a question: i am looking for some non-cc, small lot houses for some bigger families. 3-4 bedrooms. help? ( Sims 2 game. the computer i have can not handle Sims 3.. or big lots. hence my request.)
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#2 24-10-2012 
Welcome back! Did selenaq13 do some small houses Currantpotpie Somebody did but it's been long enough ago I can't remember! Ginnie
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#3 24-10-2012 
Plasticbox on MTS. She was not a big user of CC if I remember right, and her houses were (are) beautiful.
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#4 24-10-2012 
Hey engelina-c. Lovely to meet you. Smile
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#5 24-10-2012 
Thanks for the welcome backs, and hello, Sailfindragon, nice to meet you!

Also thanks for the links and names.. i found Plasticbox and.. lets just say i hope the house bin does not have a limit.. otherwise i might find it soon. So many beautiful and not too big lots!
engelina-c, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Feb 2012.


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