EAxis/Maxis is stoopid..
#1 26-10-2012 
Ok. I made a door a while ago and wanted to finish it up and share it. There was a recolor of the original door (Abiding Elegance) that I couldn't figure out for the life of me. It was just the glass and deleting it caused my door to show up wrong. (I wanted the door without glass and recoloring it wasn't working out the way I wanted it to. So a new door got made, lol.)

Well, I figured out that's because of Maxis' idea of linking things. The Tallish Transom and Abiding Elegance doors are linked, while the Mullionaire door isn't linked to either. SO- I cloned the TT to make my new door and it all worked the way it should. Then I wanted to make one more door, so I cloned the TT again- this time there were no textures besides the wallmasks and shadows. Undecided I went ahead and did the door anyway- I had to change a few things.. but it works.

I'm confused. If you want to recolor the AE door the textures will show up. But if you CLONE it, the only textures are the wallmasks and shadow. When I FIRST cloned the TT door, the texture was there for the door. I tried reloading the file table and there's still no texture for the door.

Since my doors are slaved it's not a big deal. I've checked and rechecked- they've all (straight and diagonal for both doors.. diagonal for TT isn't shown in the attached pics) got the right entries in the SHPE and GMDC. None of the game doors have a mysterious recolor. So what's wrong? Can someone else try to clone the Tallish Transom door and see what happens? Even though my doors are fine in my game, I don't want to put them up for download if there could be something NOT fine with them.

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Hmm, so the TT is the master in this master slave relationship.

Remember, recolours are part of SIMPE and CEP - they are not part of the original EA code, so how a CC recolour works is always a bit shaky as it is not core functionality.

What it sounds like - not sure - is that you have cloned the TT in a strange and unusual manner....... If you do it wrong enough then you will have hijacked the original texture files and made it so that future clones have no texture. Maybe.

Try taking your clones etc out of the downloads folder and try and clone again - if the TT clones correctly then there is something wrong with the original cloned door.

I remember having a similar issue with the Classical Curves and Perfect Pediment from AL - that window is repositoried to ITSELF.Very odd. I had all kind of asplosions making those and I am still not convinced they are perfect right down to the bottom of the "stack".
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#3 26-10-2012 
I already tried taking my clones out. Cool Confused Dodgy Sad

I was wondering if I'd somehow messed up the game door. The files are set to "read only" though- so I wouldn't be able to mess them up in any way, would I? Pretty sure that's not what happened though since I remember clicking "clone", and since I had been looking at meshes I had to click reset defaults (or whatever it is) and un-check "change description". (Since I don't change descriptions until everything is finished..kind of my own version of a good luck charm, lol.)

At least nothings asploded yet. I was sure the last door was going to crash the game or blink blue at me all over the place.

*goes off to sleep for a bit while Lee figures out what she's done wrong* (Heehee- kidding!)

#4 26-10-2012 
* mustluvcatz double posts with wild abandon

Okies. This really is strange. I've been playing around. Restarted my computer. Reloaded the file table in SimPE again.. the door that seems to be the master is the Mullionaire. But it's not. Or it shouldn't be at least- it wasn't yesterday and I'm sure of that because the "doorEuro..." (CRES) is different for that door. When I wanted to see if any recolors would work I downloaded iCads since I started using a lot of her recolors- and in her post she even states that the AB and TT doors are linked while the M isn't.

Can someone test these 2 doors and see if they're fine in their game? I didn't include the diagonals since they're linked to the straight versions.

Doors - OFB is needed.

#5 27-10-2012 
Can I test? I like to test Big Grin

#6 27-10-2012 
I just put these in my game now. I don't have any recolors for them but all of the original colors are all showing up. One thing I did notice is that light still comes through these doors like they had glass. I know there's a way to fix it because people have fixed broken windows but I don't know how involved it is.

They look good though -- especially like the short one. Smile

#7 27-10-2012 
Break the link to the light file to "fix" the glass. You edit in the cres and have it point to a wrong file name - presto - no light Big Grin
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#8 28-10-2012 
Deb- If you didn't notice, the link to the doors is there. Smile
HW- Thanks! And yes, I need to break the light.
Lee- Thanks for the reminder about breaking the light. I like breaking things as long as it's on purpose and supposed to be broke, lol.

As long as they seem to work properly, I guess I can forgive Maxis and finish the whole set up. (Still want to do centered doors, so I'll be stealing one of your doors Lee.)

#9 28-10-2012 
Get the base game. Pre broke light included. Big Grin Gonna do a centred arch too?
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#10 28-10-2012 
Centered arch? Why not. Easy enough to do since it's just swapping and slaving. The one thing I'm not going to do is double doors. Lazy MLC is lazy and all I wanted was the one original door I did! That (all 3 of the doors really) is such a nice door but the glass just doesn't work for me for an interior door.


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