• Photo Booth Frame **Updated**
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sims2 #1
Here's a default replacement frame for the photo booth pictures. They're a bit cheaper looking than the original frames but look nicer (I think) when you group them together on a wall.

[Image: cover.jpg]

  • New Frame & Texture
  • Decorative Placement Enabled
  • Shiftable

11-6-2012 Added a second option. Pick one default replacement file, you can't have both.

[Image: defaults2.jpg]

Poly Counts:
Wall: 196 Faces
Table: 214 Faces

Version 2:
Wall: 228
Table: 182

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Gimp 2.8, Milkshape, Wings 3D, and leefish for being awesome. Smile
x 18

You're welcome to use anything of mine, no matter where it's from, however you'd like.

Photo Booth Frame **Updated** Screenshot Photo Booth Frame **Updated** Screenshot Photo Booth Frame **Updated** Screenshot        
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#9 05-11-2012
Ok, now I feel bad because I thought I was happy with these but they kept bugging me and fansee's post mentioning the dividing lines made me realize that I should just try and add white lines to the photo but make the frame & matting like a normal picture. The version that's going to go with the Showtime photo booth is going to look more like these now:

[Image: new.jpg]

It's like night and day... so much so this one is actually kinda embarrassing. Slap I still have to finish them but maybe I'll add them to this post as a second option? Or should I just upload the new, better defaults when they're done?

* Honeywell wonders what leefish would do

But the new ones maybe cut off too much of the sims faces... I'm so indecisive! Rolleyes

#10 05-11-2012
They are two different things. The new version looks more like a set of pictures in a fancy mount (posh) the original looks more simlike and cheesy.

I would add an alternate version.

#11 05-11-2012
That's a good point and you're right so that's what I'll do. Thanks!


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