The picture really says it all but just in case it isn't clear.
  • The toddler clearly has to use the potty.
  • They are both in the same room.
  • The toddler is near the potty.
  • The nanny's whole job is to take care of the needs of the children when the parents aren't home.
  • The nanny is clearly not doing her job.
  • Toddler wets herself.
  • My head explodes from how useless nannies are. X_X

I Hate Nannies! Screenshot          
#2 07-11-2012
Nannies have been this horrible for about 5 sim centuries, and all the great sim modders have been looking into it. The best anyone came up with so far, is Pescado's Lobonanny, which dumbs them down so they don't burn the house down or cause other disasters.

I've given up using nannies altogether, because they keep stinking.

#3 07-11-2012
Stupid Nannies. I hate them. Now my only choices are to have one of the parents stay home or a butler maybe? I never used a butler so I don't know if they'd be any better.

#4 07-11-2012
BO has some nice mods for butlers, but I think those denannify them Big Grin Otherwise a butler will do basic nanny tasks.


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