• Warm, Comfy Slippers
  • Creator: NixNivis
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Look how cute! They're accessories that appear with sleepwear and undies.

Brought to you by our very own NixNivis. Get more pics, info, and the download file at Nix's blog.
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Have fun!

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#5 13-11-2012
It always bothered me that no one ever wore slippers or something on their feet. Thank you. Smile

#6 14-11-2012
Say, those look familiar. Big Grin

Like I say in the blog post, it's getting cold up here (November in Sweden is a dismal affair), so I wanted my Sims' feet to be warm. Just looking at those poor, bare little Sim toesies made me shiver.

Fansee, you recognise the dad's robe and the son's hair, right? Smile

#7 14-11-2012
Omigosh Nix, I recognized the dad's robe but hadn't noticed the son's hair! Must've been too mesmerized by the dad's furry legs. Tongue

Indeed it's slipper season here too now - gotta keep those feet toasty!

#8 14-11-2012
LOL! Yeah, he's quite furry. Wink They're actually all story characters of mine (with the exception of the son, who's only sort of a story character). They're quite a multicultural family: Grandma is Russian, Mum is half Irish (but she thinks of herself as Russian, too), and Dad is Morroccan. And they're all in Starfleet. Sleepy

Yeah, it's cold to be a northern foot at this time of year. Slippers FTW. Smile


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