Hide posts from private forums in "latest posts"
#1 27-11-2012 
Hi Lee, do you know how can I hide posts from private forums in "latests posts"? (in homepage abc and in other pages)?
Thank you in advance

#2 27-11-2012 
Yup, you need to add in a NOT IN (1,2,3) in the query. Post the latest threads query (just the call to the DB) and we can edit those out.
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#3 27-11-2012 
Ok, I have edited in index.php:

// get sample forums

    $mybb->settings['abc_showsamples'] = '3';

    $sample = '107,87,92,88,94,90,93,91,89,101,109,114';

    $viewsample = " AND fid IN ($sample)";

I cancelled forum number 121, after 114, and now latest threads of 121 forum are disapperar in homepage site and pages (samples, contests, testare).

The problem now is "newposts".

$query = $db->query("
    SELECT t.*, u.username, u.displaygroup, u.avatar, u.usergroup, u.avatardimensions, f.name AS forumname, lp.avatar as lpavatar
        FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."threads t
        LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."users u ON (u.uid=t.uid)
        LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."users lp ON (lp.uid=t.lastposteruid)
        LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."forums f ON (f.fid=t.fid)
        WHERE 1=1 $uv AND t.visible='1'
        AND t.fid NOT IN(15,20,43,44,68,45,36)
        ORDER BY t.lastpost DESC
        LIMIT ".(($page-1)*$perpage).", ".$perpage

I add 121 in AND t.fid NOT IN(15,20,43,44,68,45,36)?

As always, thank you Big Grin

EDIT: Thank you Lee!! It works and latest posts in 121 forum are hidden Big Grin thank you very much

#4 28-11-2012 
Lee I can't do in this way with unread posts Sad

I tried to add AND t.fid NOT IN(121) in // Make a query to calculate unread posts and // Make a query to search topics with unread posts

but nothing, posts from 121 forum are still visible in unread postsSad

#5 28-11-2012 
121 is a private admin forum?
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#6 28-11-2012 
No, there are only permissions: guests, they can see only 121 forum and nothing other, forum is active and open, only admin/mod and usergroup number 20 can see threads inside this forum

#7 28-11-2012 
By unread posts, do you mean the mod from MyBB to show only unread posts? Or do you mean the search posts, like today and new?
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#8 28-11-2012 
Unread posts mod, I think it is the same plugin you have also here: http://mods.mybb.com/view/view-unreads-posts

in plugin I have 3 files: unreadPosts.tpl.php, unreadPosts.settings.php and unreadPosts.php

I tried to edit in unreadPosts.php but nothing changed, maybe there is need of other hook.

In Get all forums exceptions to SQL WHERE statement I found:

if (sizeof($exceptions_list) > 0)
            $this->where .= " AND t.fid NOT IN (" . implode(',', $exceptions_list) . ")";


#9 29-11-2012 
Ok, so there must be a variable called exceptions list.

in the settings there are forums which will not be searched :

Exception forums list
Forums IDs which will not be searched, comma separated

so it probably there that you need to add forum 121
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#10 29-11-2012 
arghhhh right.. Sad Sad I didn't remember of check in admin acp Sad Sad ok, sorry


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