As a result of the EA Site closing down
#1 19-12-2012 
I've posted up a resource topic, with the patches and homecrafter program on my server so it won't go missing.

Can you think of anything else from the EA site you'd want, that is not there?

I have EA Content Manager and Movie Manager - but both of them want to access the EA site, so I'm thinking they're not really going to be useful, and therefore there's no point in putting them up.

(Lee I did try to post this in the sims discussion area, but I keep getting an error: Value for Sims Discussion Category is required - and there was nowhere to set that. Error screenshot is attached.)

#2 19-12-2012 
I also have all the patches and homecrafter stashed on Mediafire - I think we did have a link to homecrafter on Mediafire in resources already.

And thanks for the heads up - I have fixed that and moved the topic.

EDIT: Yup, here it is >>
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#3 20-12-2012 
Yeah - I'm just concerned that mediafire will delete them with inactivity.
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#4 20-12-2012 
I'd say the official downloadable content, but the fixed stuff around MATY is much better anyway. Also, some of the makeup of the celebrity sims released by EA is just awful. I am finally past keeping stuff in my downloads just because it's official. I probably have most everything squirreled away somewhere, anyhow.

#5 20-12-2012 
Yup, I have most of that anyway as well RM


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