• Bouncinator 3000 and Dangle Monster - Less Bladder Tantrum.
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When Maxis first offered the Dangle Monster, and the Bouncinator 3000, they were welcome additions to the game. The only problem I had with them is that babies would start crying when their bladder reached -50. This meant they would cry for several sim hours before needing a change.

Since you can’t take babies to the potty, I thought this was a bit excessive. For my game I modded these items so that the tantrum starts at -90. This, in my opinion, gives you plenty of time to notice, and get ready to change them.

Since these were Sims 2 store items, I did not want to upload them, but since the Sims 2 store has now been shut down for good, I can no longer see a reason to keep them to myself.

With that in mind ...

RLM-productions proudly presents ... The Maxis made, Dangle Monster, and Bouncinator 3000, with less bladder tantrum.


If you have these already, you will need to either replace them, or make sure these load after the originals.
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#2 26-12-2012
Thanks RebaLynn Big Grin

I was busy it being Christmas and all - and had no time to comment.

#3 26-12-2012
No worries. It's been busy for me too Smile

I've got a few more uploads in the works for next year.

#4 06-01-2013
Are these from a fixed and cleaned up version? I know most things from the store had some kind of issues or were sloppy files.

Do they have working sounds? I know there was a version of these circulating that at least one couldn't play its sounds.


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