Subsets, and Moving VFX
#1 02-01-2013 
I wondered if anyone is familiar with these tasks and could link to good tutorials on creating subsets to reference multiple recolors at the same time for different parts of an object. I know that is out there, but searches for tutorials tend to yield too many unrelated results. I found this, it seems like it will do if I sit down and figure it out. The other thing I was curious about may not be out there as everyone seems to have a hard enough time with it that they just remove the visual effects, but I'd like to see if I can get a radio that was cloned from a less bulky one to have its blue rings and musical notes emanate from in front of it rather than its middle.


#2 07-01-2013 
Can you attach the file please?
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#3 07-01-2013 
Resolved in Chat Big Grin

Hopefully - Ryan now has a radio with correctly positioned effects, a nice groundshadow, M&G quarter-tile correctly enabled, a file name what matches and - MAYBE - a deco slot on top.

Good work rawmilk Big Grin
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#4 29-03-2013 
Very kind, but you give me too much credit. I didn't manage to do all that much; you did most of it, but I will work on it some more when I am feeling brave or curious.


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