#1 06-01-2013 
Well, I've been meaning to join here for a while. I'm usually at ModTheSims under the name maybesomethingdunno.

I've never done an Introduction thread. New experiences are usually good, right?

I enjoy creating things. My interests are not confined to any particular area. Like other creators, I have more projects and ideas than I have time. I find myself starting to play TS2 when I'm testing things in-game. I haven't actually played my normal TS2 game since...well, between Seasons and Bon Voyage were released. One of these days, I'm going to install all the CC that I've downloaded, update my existing CC, and actually play the game again. Someday...someday...

Outside of the Sims, I enjoy writing, reading stories online, watching TV/movies, playing the occasional video game, and dabbling in code. I'm not exactly the most active person, but I'm working on that.

I can't reveal too much about myself personally because I work for a company that would most likely fire me if they knew I was gay. Illegal? Probably. But they would create some other, "real" reason for firing me....not that they would necessarily be required to give a reason. Dodgy So, yeah, I probably shouldn't reveal my name or location, at least until I find a new job. Those bills won't pay themselves.
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Hallo MSD

Welcome to one of the last bastions of Sims2 Big Grin

I know exactly what you mean - my test sims have lives and babies and whole stories - yet I cannot build a hood. Odd.
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#3 06-01-2013 
Welcome to leefish, MSD!

Y'know, I remember when you posted that awesome Sims 2 surfboard of yours. I was naughtily peeking at the ModTheSims upload queue and saw it in there, stole it, installed it, played with it, and couldn't resist posting a pic of it in action even though it wasn't approved yet.... all the while hoping you wouldn't stumble upon that pic and know I stole it out of the queue. Reading

Um. Right. Anyway.

Point being, you are an awesome creator and it's great to have you here. Hope you stick around and make yourself at home! vamp

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Welcome to Leefish, MSD Big Grin
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Welcome MSD! Smile

#6 06-01-2013 
Welcome to the pond (or is it a bowl), hope you enjoy your stay as much as I have enjoyed mine.
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Welcome to leefish. I'm Ginnie, Boo's Saving the Sims helper and update person. I'm also the calm, quiet, sane one here. Ginnie
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