What are you listening to right now? video edition
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Alllllllll-righty y'all, I barely survived getting my stupid degree and I can't recall if I breathed so much as a singular "lol" on this site, so here goes!

I have discovered (amidst the then-numerous piles of crap-you-will-never-use-when-teaching-in-a-classroom-of-your-own that my university chucked at me) that I LOVE vaporwave music. Think Blade Runner, Cyberpunk 2077, and 1980's anime gifsets complete with video timestamps/graphical errors.

(Also chintzy Miami pink garbage with weird placements of pineapples. whyyesialsolovetheGoldenGirlstoocan'tyoutellsendhelp)

So! As I delved deep into the cesspool on Ye Olde Tube-of-Yous that is vaporwave and relatives to that, I was introduced to a band by my boyfriend: The Protomen! Who are all awesome! And based their music off of...wait for it...


(Note: There is also a band called The Megas who are similar in that they too are based off of Mega Man, but they are NOT the same band, but please check them out as well!)

So. The vaporwave-y/1980's bit factors in when I discovered they did a cover album...

(Please please listen to their albums Act I and Act II!)

As a bonus, they also did THIS WHOLE MESS:

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Huh. There's a band out there who based their music on the Mega Man games. You learn something new every day.

Gimmick bands are nothing new, though. Have you heard of Austrian Death Machine? All of their songs are based on Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. The song titles are (usually) movie quotes too! Neat, huh? Big Grin

T2 Theme

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, Your Motorcycle:

I Am a Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue over (Metal) Endoskeleton:

Get to the Choppa!

Come With Me if You Want to Live:

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It:

Conan, What Is Best in Life?

You Have Just Been Erased:


(Oh, man...it's Conan's prayer to Crom right before the Battle of the Mounds! Was that the greatest scene in Conan the Barbarian or what? I love it!)

There. Now you've heard of Austrian Death Machine. You're welcome. Cool

Okay, I'm just going to sit here listening to the Total Brutal album while I read and post stuff. Don't mind me. Smile
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*drifts back in for some reason or other*

So...how many of you remember Haunted Castle, that arcade game and would-be immediate sequel to Castlevania? I do. All of the 7-11 stores within bicycling distance of my apartment had arcade games (in turns, including Final Fight, Black Tiger, Forgotten Worlds, Dark Adventure, Gondomania, Xybots, Blasteroids, Operation: Thunderbolt and, yes, Haunted Castle); the 7-11 in North Florissant on Howdershell had pinball games as well, with Black Knight 2000 and Dungeons & Dragons being my faves among those. And because I was a dumb, naive teenager and I couldn't manage my money worth a flip, after every paycheck I'd walk into that 7-11 and plunk about ten dollars' worth of quarters into those video games, occasionally buying a Slurpee or a hot dog now and then so the clerks wouldn't think of kicking me out.

Haunted Castle was brutally hard; you only got one life per credit, the stages were full of nasty surprises that popped up out of nowhere, and of course there was a time limit for each stage. Still, I loved Haunted Castle. Yes, the game was hard as rocks. Yes, Simon Belmont walked kind of funny in that game. But the graphics were really eye-catching (for the time), and the music for most of the stages was really sweet too. Especially the Stage 1 theme, "Cross Your Heart". I couldn't get enough of that tune. And Stage 3 had what was actually the genesis of that time-honored Castlevania tune, "Bloody Tears," since Haunted Castle was supposed to be the immediate successor to Castlevania. But then, "Castlevania II" got caught in Development Hell somehow, and another one of Konami's divisions came ahead and finished Castlevania II: Simon's Quest first. So the original "Castlevania II" was hastily renamed "Haunted Castle," its team finally pulled Haunted Castle out of Development Hell and launched it, and the rest is history.

But as great a tune as "Cross Your Heart" is, it was never reiterated in the Castlevania series after Haunted Castle. So imagine my elation two or three days ago, when I learned that Super Smash Brothers Ultimate not only brought back several veteran Castlevania characters and monsters (including Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont, as well as Dracula himself), but gave us dozens of remixed Castlevania tunes as well...including "Cross Your Heart," now back from the dead and more glorious than ever!

...and I've been listening to it repeatedly ever since...or at least off-and-on, because the other Castlevania tunes in Smash Brothers demand my attention too. The operatic vocals in the retread for "Lament of Innocence" are far too stirring to pass up!

Excellent show, Nintendo. Right damned excellent show! Celebrate
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My daughter has been raiding our CD collection, and has just glommed onto The Refreshments...
So, I've been listening to this a LOT lately:

I couldn't find a video, was there one?

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(11-03-2019 06:00 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  I couldn't find a video, was there one?
In my post? I had three of them. Undecided

In your post? I see one.

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In my post... it's not a "video", just a static image. I meant: was there an official music video for that song? LOL!

#837 12-03-2019 
Oh, like an official music video? It could be that none exists for that song. Sometimes, the producers and band members behind a certain song just don't film a music video for that song for whatever reason. Like with all those Austrian Death Machine tunes I tossed out back there. "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, Your Motorcycle" was the only one that had a music video, as far as I could see, so I linked it. The rest got videos with static images (usually of the cover art from the album in which those songs appeared).

Maybe it's to do with the band and how much they want to promote their songs by making music videos for them. It seems like Amaranthe makes a video for every one of their songs, and I'm not sure why that is. But I'm glad that they care enough to do that.

...and many more. Some of them (like The Nexus there) are more like mini-movies than music videos! Cool

(I'm trying to figure out which music genre your "Banditos" song fits into. In some ways, it's Classic Rock. In other ways, it's Ska. Which is it? Undecided )

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I'd label them TexMex-Rock (as opposed to SoCal, or Seattle, etc) the industry calls them Alternative...
Here's one with a 'moving picture' (of really crappy quality):

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So what's this I just heard about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic coming to an end? Sad

#840 17-05-2019 
Don't Leave Me Now, Supertramp (1982):


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