What are you listening to right now? video edition
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Alllllllll-righty y'all, I barely survived getting my stupid degree and I can't recall if I breathed so much as a singular "lol" on this site, so here goes!

I have discovered (amidst the then-numerous piles of crap-you-will-never-use-when-teaching-in-a-classroom-of-your-own that my university chucked at me) that I LOVE vaporwave music. Think Blade Runner, Cyberpunk 2077, and 1980's anime gifsets complete with video timestamps/graphical errors.

(Also chintzy Miami pink garbage with weird placements of pineapples. whyyesialsolovetheGoldenGirlstoocan'tyoutellsendhelp)

So! As I delved deep into the cesspool on Ye Olde Tube-of-Yous that is vaporwave and relatives to that, I was introduced to a band by my boyfriend: The Protomen! Who are all awesome! And based their music off of...wait for it...


(Note: There is also a band called The Megas who are similar in that they too are based off of Mega Man, but they are NOT the same band, but please check them out as well!)

So. The vaporwave-y/1980's bit factors in when I discovered they did a cover album...

(Please please listen to their albums Act I and Act II!)

As a bonus, they also did THIS WHOLE MESS:

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Huh. There's a band out there who based their music on the Mega Man games. You learn something new every day.

Gimmick bands are nothing new, though. Have you heard of Austrian Death Machine? All of their songs are based on Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. The song titles are (usually) movie quotes too! Neat, huh? Big Grin

T2 Theme

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, Your Motorcycle:

I Am a Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue over (Metal) Endoskeleton:

Get to the Choppa!

Come With Me if You Want to Live:

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It:

Conan, What Is Best in Life?

You Have Just Been Erased:


(Oh, man...it's Conan's prayer to Crom right before the Battle of the Mounds! Was that the greatest scene in Conan the Barbarian or what? I love it!)

There. Now you've heard of Austrian Death Machine. You're welcome. Cool

Okay, I'm just going to sit here listening to the Total Brutal album while I read and post stuff. Don't mind me. Smile
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