I Learned Windows!
#1 19-01-2013 
Creating for The Sims is all about learning, wouldn't you agree? I'm so excited I learned how to make windows. They're probably the trickiest, most time consuming, and most trial and errorish thing I ever tried to undertake, but the end results are always something I'm proud of. Just thought I'd brag a bit about my new skill and kinda say to the master window maker (Lee) look I did it! Big Grin

#2 19-01-2013 
Congrats! Do we get to see your first window? Good for you!
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#3 19-01-2013 
They're all on my site. I did quite a few. There's one on plumbob keep that's not on my site. This was my first one:

[Image: TheModernOnlooker.jpg]

#4 19-01-2013 
For a first window that looks great - I like the tapered frame that you use.

edit: just went to your site and had a look at your new windows. I remember that tutorial of Helena's - Good tutorial!

#5 19-01-2013 
That's great, Jon! It's impressive how many different parts of the game you can create for.


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