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Translation: Eternal Light Bath House

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Roman Baths
The Romans loved going to the baths. They went not only to swim but to relax, chat, enjoy a hot sauna, make a business deal, or to gamble. Roman baths were sumptuously decorated places of health, pleasure, and socialising that stood for the Roman way of life.

Many Roman towns had baths, as well as army camps and rich men's villas. Mixed bathing was not allowed, so usually women visited in the morning and men in the afternoon. Everyone from rich to poor and even slaves was allowed in the baths.

The toilets in Roman times were communal, everyone sat together and did what they had to do whilst chatting with your friends.

A Visit to the Baths
A trip to the baths meant getting gradually hotter.
Palaestra: an open courtyard for exercising.
Changing Rooms: where you left your clothes.
Frigidarium: the cold room. Here the visitor had a cold bath to wash off most of his sweat and dirt.
Tepidarium: the warm room.
Caldarium: the hot room. The hot room was filled was very hot steam, which opened the pores of the skin. Now a slave would scrape off the last of the sweat and dirt with a bronze scraper, called a strigil, and he could soak in a bath of hot water.
Laconicum: an alternative to the caldarium this was like a sauna - hot but dry.
Frigidarium: the cold room. The Roman would revisit this room and be rubbed down with oil.

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The Baths were made for a Challenge set at SFUK (link below) and function as a public swimming pool. They have been play tested.

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#2 26-01-2013
Bellus balineum, Karen!
(I don't know if I wrote it right Reading )

#3 26-01-2013
Thanks Deb Smile

PS I don't know Latin either, I just picked a phrase I knew the meaning of from the Requiem we're singing and then looked up to see what Bath house was in Latin.

#4 27-01-2013
LOL. I learnt latin for 4 weeks back in 1974, and only came away with 'Metella est mater' 'Patella est pater' 'Felix est canus'

So I think you're both doing excellently!

And it's a gorgeous bath!


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