Issue with Wallmasks
#11 08-02-2013 
ok, sounds like you have this under control ?
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#12 08-02-2013 
Alright, here's an update: I got the wallmasks to work, and the whole door looks lovely. I've tested it in game, and two more issues have presented: The door is not letting light through (which is probably because I don't have the CRES updated, which seems to affect the LGHT files...and is also what was causing it to crash my game, so I'm not sure what to do about that one) and the doors do not display the animations when someone walks through them, which I'm guessing has something to do with the BHAV files?

Anywho, here's the updated file if you'd like to take a look:

Again, any help is greatly appreciated! I'll update if I get any ideas on these two issues...but I might not get started today, on account of my fried brain!

#13 09-02-2013 
How did you edit the cres? How did you edit the mesh? Things you can do to test are maybe block some squares and see which ones are allowing the access to the doors. Then you know which ones to target.

The animations are based on the routing slot - which is IN the CRES - when a sim walks up to the door then it will activate the door anims when the correct square is walked over.
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#14 10-02-2013 
It appears the lighting issue has fixed itself, I was just overlooking a dumb mistake. Still working on the animations...boy are they hard to figure out! As far as I can tell, I shouldn't need to mess with the routing animations, because they should pull their direction from the parent slots in the CRES...but more work still needs to be done on that.

In other news, the sims only seem to be pathing through the original 3 tiles, and not the 4th. This makes them walk partially through the wall on one side, but they don't go close to the wall on the other. Instead of fixing the added tiles to make them walkable, I would rather take away the walkability of the original 1st tile (if that makes sense). That would take away their ability to walk through the wall on that one side, and for aesthetic purposes, the sims only need to walk through the 2 center tiles anyway. I'm putting this one on the back burner until I can figure out the animations, though.

#15 27-02-2013 
Okay, I haven't updated in awhile, but here goes. I just realized that the original intention of this thread, wallmasks, has long been solved! I guess that's a good thing.

So these animations officially have me stumped. I even re-did the entire door from a new clone to make sure I hadn't screwed anything up during my experimental period, but the animations have the same problem. To describe the specific issue: The movement of the doors is correct, but they rotate at the wrong place, or axis, I suppose, and both of the doors move differently. One of the doors pops out a little from the wall and rotates, and the other rotates in place, as if the axis is down its center instead of at the edge.

I've tried modifying every possible value of the slots and their children in the CRES, but all of them seem to deal with how the door is oriented in its resting state, none of them affect the position of the door while its moving. I've read that a lot of animations are incompatible with SimPE, so the only way to edit them is to re-build them from the ground up...which is sadly out of my realm of ability and patience.

So anyhow, the final door is centered perfectly on 4 tiles, it has lovely wallmasks and lets the light through. It even functions as a real door, its just that the doors will go wonky when the sim passes through. That's as far as I can take it--maybe someone else will finish it someday!

#16 28-02-2013 
I think that what you have so far sounds like a hell of an achievement and you should be proud.

What MIGHT fix it (no guarantee) is moving the doors in the mesh as well as the cres (obviously with a copy in place).

It could also be the routing slot that is off - have you tried moving that in the cres?
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#17 02-03-2013 
Oh man, You gave me the best idea and it worked!

The CRES values move the mesh around, but don't affect the animations. Moving the mesh in Milkshape seems to affect the animations, so I thought what if I just use the original mesh and edit the CRES values to move it instead of Milkshape? It worked, like a charm, and the animations are perfect! The specific CRES files that I used to move the mesh are the Joint files door_rot, one for left and one for right, and I edited the X values of the translation. I'm going to work on changing the matching arch into a 4-tiler too, which should be relatively simple at this point, then I'll post them both.

Thanks so much for your help!

#18 03-03-2013 
I've got to tell you- I kept looking at the pics in your PM @ PBK just waiting for it to click for you. Big Grin So. For future reference: when you add tiles to an object, you edit the CRES to move the mesh within the tiles and any animations will "follow" along. (There may be exceptions to that.. I've just never ran across any yet.)

Did I mention the CRES enough in my PM's @ PBK?
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Oh! Can I steal either the door frame or the arch when it's done? I really need a non-Uni version of that prettiness in my game.

#19 03-03-2013 
You guys knew the whole time?! AAAAHHHHHH! *turns over table* Slap

Lol, ugh, I'm so happy it's done now! Here's the final product:


Enjoy! I posted it up at PBK as well!

#20 03-03-2013 
In my defense (you're on your own here LEE!): Sure, I knew how to move things in the CRES the whole time. BUT (there's always a but, lol) until I saw your screenshots and reread all of your posts at PBK, it didn't click with me that you must've moved the mesh in Milkshape. After I realized that and saw Lee's last post here.. I just sat back and waited for you to get it.

And you did. You got it. Big Grin Awesome feeling, isn't it?


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