Visitor Controller mod
#1 09-02-2013 
We've been discussing on another forum about having sub-hoods where the NPC's/Playables don't turn up in the main hood, or are limited to their own hood.

e.g. Vacation hood NPC's and playables don't turn up at the Uni or Main hood for walk-bys or on the community lot.

Now looking at the Vacation Controller, in the BHAV's there's a selection that is about Locals.

a. How does it determine what a Local is? (My being able to read the BHAV's is very poor).
b. Is it possible to ban/allow a sim by their residing in a particular hood?
c. If it was possible, would the Visitor Controller be able to cope with that sort of edit, or would it need to be a separate mod?
d. given that there can be multiple optional hoods, is it possible to ban/allow sims from lots if they don't belong to the current hood? Just thinking aloud here.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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#2 11-02-2013 
If I'm not mistaken, a mod already exists somewhere that bans sims from other subhoods. Who made it, and where it can be found, though, I don't remember.


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