What Are Your Favorite Sims 2 Sites?
#11 27-02-2013 
Between them, Fansee and Kiri have covered most of my favourite sites, but one other site I really like is Simply Styling. Lots of nice furniture and deco. I also like Mango, even though they seem to updated only for Sims 3, which makes me sad. Oh, and Feenwald/Fairy Forest! Another great site for furniture especially, both modern and period things.

For my medieval-ish Westeros 'hood, I depend on The Medieval Smithy, and on the Keep, of course. For Star Trek stuff, SimTrek is the place to go, but these days almost all activity over there is centred around the RPG they've got going (which is visible only to active participants). There aren't as many new uploads over there as there used to be - especially since we're only two active creators who aren't in the RPG to begin with, and I for one make other things than just Trek stuff.
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#12 28-02-2013 
Hiya Nix! I had completely forgotten about Simply Styling! Jope and Suza are sweeties too. Smile The other one I remembered is Simgaroop - great for maxis match hair. Smile
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#13 12-03-2013 
Has Black Pearl Sims been mentioned? I always seem to end up downloading a ton of stuff from there for any design contest I enter. Just wish things were easier to find. http://blackpearlsims.com/ They have a section of uploads from Sims In Paris stored there.

GOS always has new goodies, I get lots off the monthly themes and best finds thread. http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardeno...ic=11460.0
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#14 16-05-2013 
Okay, I won't say this is a *favorite* or anything, but I have a semi-soft spot in my heart for TwoHorses Creations http://www.2hcreations.net/sims2/ because it was there that I found a most wonderful Native American CAS replacement face & that made me incredibly happy! It's face #12 on the site (under Downloads>Game Mods>Replacement Faces) if anyone cares. Some other fun stuff there too but it was the face I most happy to find!
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#15 19-07-2013 
All of the above. Big Grin

Creators own blogs seem to be where I get most of my downloads from now.
One place I haven't seen mentioned is Maxis Match Only: http://maxismatch-only.livejournal.com/
Or the Conversion data base: http://322cdb.livejournal.com/
And my favorite baby clothes site Moonlight Dragon: http://moonlightdragon.freeforums.org/portal.php Mainly baby clothes, baby hair, hospital items but some conversions, deco and clothes as well.

#16 19-07-2013 
If you aren't already a member of tumblr I recommend signing up - a lot of simmers there, and you should definitely follow Trapping.

#17 19-07-2013 
Mhmm, check the "sims 2 download" tag at tumblr (or "sims 2 downloads") - lots of simmers use those tags to make it easier to find stuff. Trappingcrushes does find most of the good stuff but I like browsing the tags too since it's instant and the pics are bigger.


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