What Are Your Favorite Sims 2 Sites?
#1 16-02-2013 
Other than Leefish of course lol.

Where do you get your downloads from? What hidden gems do you have in your game that you're willing to share or remember where they are from? Screenshots? Stories? Tips etc?

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#2 17-02-2013 
And apart from Michelle, Mustluvcatz, TheNinthWave, Karen's and others from this forum? LOL

Hidden gems to come.
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#3 17-02-2013 
Hmm. For clothes I'm rather fond of Amaryll and Trapping. Cyjon is fantastic for mods. HugeLunatic is one of my fave object makers (ofc she also posts on modthesims) ...and the other folks at Sims2Artists are surely excellent too, although I'm not familiar with all of 'em. Fakepeeps at modthesims is my fave kids' clothing maker. Ooh and Trappingcrushes is a fantastic "finds" site to browse.

Then ofc there's our Leefish crew! Mustluvcatz, Honeywell, Sailfindragon, NixNivis, BoilingOil, etc. ..... most of them have their own sites in addition to posting on Leefish, so check their profiles for links.

#4 17-02-2013 
SimWardrobe for anything OFB. The time clock and the hack to allow more than one sim to craft at the robot station are ideal for factory setups.
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#5 17-02-2013 
There is a very little known site - http://www.simthing.net

It has stuff from Kiri, DeathKat, Mere, and SimWardrobe in it.

If I may be immodest here. Smile
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#6 24-02-2013 
#7 26-02-2013 
Well my favorite is Plumb Bob Keep, but I mostly go there for the chit chat and stuff. I don't usually download a whole lot. Oh and Affinitysims for the same reason. Though I really do miss all the old, now gone sites like sapphiresims, sims2supernova, and gaysimsclub.net.

#8 26-02-2013 
OK. My Favourite Sims Sites (remember I am old and have sites from long ago)

Around the Sims 2 - wonderful site by a lovely woman.
All About Style - good clothing for all age groups, as well as some theme stuff.
Aussie Topenders - A Queensland site, no longer updated. But has some lovely standard stuff, including some programs written by Lucas, who was a pre-teen at the time. I still like to use his Bedding maker because takes all the guesswork of getting it to line up.
Buggy's Retreat - excellent objects. She came in after my time, but I've caught her on the way back!
Daniela's Closet - Another one that no longer updates. Daniela was way back in the early days and made excellent clothing on maxis meshes.
Exotic Elements - Heidi made excellent objects as well.
Holy Simoly - Shtinky and Flem - more Aussies (Western this time)
Lyran 2.0 - Lots of excellent maxis-match bodyshop things. Excellent quality.
Marina's Sims - Marina has some of the lovely gables and victorian build stuff. She's also a fantastic person who has been around since Sims1. A real asset to the sims community. I miss her.
Parsimonious - another one who's been around since Sims1. She has 'interesting' colour and pattern selections, but some of her objects are more than unsually useful.
Sims2Play - Another one who was around since Sims1 - many, many objects.
SimGedohns - no longer updating, but had some nice things. I remember this site more from Sims1 than sims2.

There's way more sites that I remember that are no longer around. Sad
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#9 26-02-2013 
Great list @celebkiriedhel! It makes me sad remembering the sites that no longer exist. Hopefully though Leefish and our individual sites can help fill the void left in their wake. Smile
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#10 27-02-2013 
Xander - from a creating and providing awesome sim things point of view - definitely yes.

The sites I miss most are ones where I had some friendship with the creator, and for one reason or another that's not there anymore (due to death, or moving away from the sims, or etc) The camaraderie between creators in most of Sims1 and some of Sims2 was fairly universal, I think it still is - and certainly I love watching it here but it is something I miss from time to time.
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