Why Can't I Take Pretty Pictures?
#1 19-02-2013 
I look at all the amazing screenshots and I'm just awestruck. Droopsi, and Trapping, and Nymphy, and so many others. Not to mention the vast number of Sims 3 creators who take these beautiful screenshots. I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. My Sims 2 screens are slightly better than Sims 3, but I chalk that up to never being able to afford a computer that could really handle Sims 3 graphics. I mean, I've been doing this for nearly 7 years almost constantly, you'd think I could find a way to get something looking nice. I think the whole thing of the simplicity of my pics came from when I was sharing on MTS there was a guideline there for neutral backgrounds and I took it to mean pretty much, show your creation and only that with no extra Photoshopping, or fancy text everywhere or all that jazz. I still for the most part try to follow MTS creator guidelines in my own creations on my blog even though they won't be posted there. Maybe I should try poses or something if a sim is used in the shot, idk. Most of what I make is objects though. I just never really liked putting a lot of CC in my screens for objects because I didn't want people to think that stuff was included. Maybe I should start. Any screenshot tips or suggestions for a non-noob?

#2 20-02-2013 
Don't feel alone. I have been creating for what 4 years now and I still think my screenshots are just crap. Unfortunately for me it has nothing to do with my computers graphics. LOL.

So if you find out the secret to great screenshots, please let me know. Smile
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#3 20-02-2013 
Not really a guaranteed secret but just some tips.

Get one of the lighting mods to really pump up the dynamic lighting in the game, you'd be astounded how much of a difference that makes.
Try different camera angles and zoom levels to really highlight what it is you're trying to take a picture of.
If it is Sims you're modelling, try to download some poseboxes and pose your Sims before taking a picture.
You can also make a room better lit before taking pictures.

Just some thoughts Big Grin
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#4 20-02-2013 
I think with screenshots it is a case of having a different shot depending on what it is for.

Thumbnail shot: You need to think about how big of a thumbnail you are allowed by the site you post to/graphics ability etc and make a thumbnail that is attention grabbing. Small thumbnails (150 by 150 or so) - NEVER have text. Unless its a mod.

Fanseelamb is the queen of thumbnail shots in my opinion.

Atmosphere shot: This is where you get to go wild. Make a setting for your item, something that shows why it is an awesome item and MUST be downloaded to a game. This is my fave shot.

Information shot: This is the MTS shot Tongue Make sure that people see what they are getting. You can make an info shot pretty.

PERSONALLY - I think my Move Over Dahlen set on MTS holds all of those shots and it is not a bad set at all. Though I think I may have written on the thumb. Bad fish.
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#5 21-02-2013 
This article on taking better pictures from LivingSims might be helpful too : http://forum.livingsims.net/showthread.php?tid=388


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