No autonomous stair rail sliding?
#1 21-02-2013 
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Is it possible to have a mod that disables children and teens from autonomously sliding down stair rails?

For background: ever since I installed M&G, I noticed that when using one-tile stairs like Targa's ascension or Marvine's ladder stairs, my children and teens would have errors when trying to go down. I checked everything I could think of for months and months (removing all hacks, building walls around the stairs, you name it) until I finally figured out that it was, unless I'm mistaken, kids and teens trying to slide down them that caused the errors. So I was thinking if there was a mod that just completely disabled sims wanting to slide down stair rails, I wouldn't get the errors anymore. (I'm surprised no one else has complained about this!)

#2 21-02-2013 
Well, since M&G is already 5 years old, the fact that nobody has complained about it, would seem to suggest that only very few people - if any - encounter this issue. So I'm thinking that the problem must still be with something on your system.

However, I can imagine that there might be a few that would like to get rid of the 'slide' even if it did NOT cause any errors... And I also guess that if this slide was disabled, the errors might also be stopped.

So, if and when I get back to Simming/modding, I may try to find a solution.


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