Happy Birthday NixNivis
#21 02-03-2013 
Roomba FTW. I would really like one of those.

B sez: Vacuums are not toys. Sad
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#22 02-03-2013 
@Kiri: Vacuuming, the final frontier! Big Grin

@Karen: Not remote controlled, unfortunately, so I still have to do the actual vacuuming. But just getting rid of the cord and hose is a huge plus for me. Smile

@Fansee, you saw that it was purple, right? And has lights? Come to think of it, it's almost like a tricorder... grandmas don't have purple tricorder vacuums! Tongue But ooh, that roomba... me wants! (If I got one, my dog would either hate me forever, or think it was exciting in a scary kind of way.)

@Rawmilk: Thanks! Smile

@Lee: Then I think she can do the vacuuming. *nods*
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