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#1 05-03-2013 
I wanted a sink you can place anywhere. After searching for what I thought already existed and coming up with nothing, I made one- with interesting results. (It was amazingly easy to do too.)

The interesting results? Well, it can be placed anywhere with no cheats needed. Even on the ground if you want it there. That's where the "& Animations" comes in. Is there truly no way to force the animations to adapt to whatever surface the sink is on?

As it is right now- the sink looks and works best on any surface that's table or end table height. (I cloned the K&B FaceBowl). Anything that's a lower still looks alright even though the animations are a bit high. On counters or anything counter height? A sims arms/hands go through the bottom of the sink. Since I'd only use this sink in bathrooms (anything NOT a kitchen really) the animations are fine with me. But if a way to make them change for higher surfaces exists, I'm more than willing to work on it some more.

Just for giggles I put a sink on top of a tall filing cabinet. It was rather amusing watching my poor test sim sticking his head inside the cabinet to get a drink of water.

* mustluvcatz took ONE screenie

[Image: fjhpb5.jpg]

#2 05-03-2013 
Sounds interesting MLC, was looking forward to some screenies though Smile
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#3 05-03-2013 
Your wish is my command...heehee. ONE lonely screenshot showing the "head in file cabinet" ridiculousness that's my way of torturing my poor test sims added.

#4 05-03-2013 
lol, thanks MLC Big Grin
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#5 12-03-2013 
1) Could someone that doesn't have K&B test this sink for me? I need to make sure it will work for those who don't have it. It was cloned from the K&B sink, then edited to be basegame.

2) Could anyone test it for me to make sure there are no errors? My game crashed once, but there was no object error log- just the generic access violation error. And that's most likely because I had a bazillion things running and open at the same time. (I did load the game again, played with the sink for a bit, played that lot for a bit and also played around on another lot with no problems. But I want to be sure.)

Pretty please? With little fishie sprinkles on top? (Not fish flavored! Fish shaped!) Extra hot fudge, too?

No pic because I'm lame and forgot- but it's a round sink that can be placed just about anywhere you'd want to place it. There are 2 bowl recolors and 3 "hardware" recolors. The bowl recolors DO come with recolors for the hardware. The 3 extra hardware recolors are partly invisible- try one out and you'll see what they do. Smile (With those recolors, you can place the sink in the middle of a room and not have pipes where they shouldn't be showing.) No cheats are needed to place the sink- the animations are off if you put it on a counter and best if the sink is on a table or end table. (Anything table/end table height really.)

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#6 12-03-2013 
Hi MLC, I don't have K&B and I can test what's the price? I assume it's found in plumbing/sinks.

#7 12-03-2013 
According to SimPE- 470 Simoleons. And yes, it's in Plumbing/Sinks. Smile

#8 12-03-2013 
Okay I'll get to it later today (hopefully) my mom's in the hospital for a while so we're all running around like chickens around here.

#9 12-03-2013 
That's fine Jon. Your mom is definitely more important than this sink. Smile Hope it's nothing too serious.

In the meantime, I'll probably go ahead and put the final version (little tweaks, nothing that changes it really) and recolors on my blog with a little warning that it might not be basegame/may need K&B. Once I know for sure it'll work without K&B I'll put it elsewhere.

#10 12-03-2013 
I'd love to test if for you MLC but I have K&B so can't but I think I can use your sink Smile
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