Am I over-reacting?
#11 07-03-2013 
You know- I think there's a misunderstanding or mistake of some kind. Yes, I downloaded the walls. I had to read that "read me". In it she gives credit to Simpleton for the wainscotting.

There is a Miss Simpleton @ Mod The Sims and she did some wallpapers with wainscotting. However, it's not the same. Yes, I actually compared them! (Not in game- the pics tell the story.)

SO: It's possible she just mis-credited. (If there's another Simpleton out there, I've never heard of her.)

#12 07-03-2013 
That's a possibility, but like joandsarah said - people are way more likely to read credits in the post than in a readme. Plus not everybody who browses will download, and the credits should be clearly visible to everyone - "window shoppers" included!

#13 07-03-2013 
I did actually send her a private message on tumblr shortly after the first one. I basically said that I was not credited in any of the read me's, but I appreciated her quick response.

I agree that credit for a download which clearly uses something that belongs to someone else, credit should be clearly displayed on the original post. If you can find the time to post how great your creation was/is, surely you can find the time to post the original creators name/url.

And creators I know who use read me files, especially for lots. Always normally state that credits & urls can be found there.

The items still have not been removed. She could have easily deleted the posts on tumblr, which takes all of two seconds. So I am going to report these posts to tumblr & mediafire.

If she was young I could understand slightly, however this woman is married. So in my view, should know better.
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#14 07-03-2013 
Oh dear what did I start on Tumblr. Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut.
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#15 07-03-2013 
I don't go near Tumblr so I have no idea what's happened. But hugs.
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#16 07-03-2013 
Debs: Keep your head on your shoulders and ignore her now.

This little girl is making herself look like the world's biggest jerk- calling you a troll and an uppity bitch. Not only that- tagging posts douchebag and dragging other people into it. I'd say she's feeling a little butthurt at the moment and she's lashing out.

All that said? At the risk of upsetting you, I do agree that reporting the file might have been a bit too much. At least right now- I don't know if it was right or wrong, but I probably would've given her a few days to remove the file. Then if she didn't I would've asked her why.

She wants to talk about drama. Pfft. She's the one causing it now.

#17 07-03-2013 
I agree MLC. I think my reaction was way to quick and not done with a level head. I am almost 40, why did I let someone half my age get to me. When I think about it now, it all seems to petty!

I should have waited a few days or asked her to credit me or simply just ignored it completely. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Smile
Sailfindragon, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Aug 2012.

#18 07-03-2013 
Sorry MLC but the douchebag tag was mine. Blush I think it's obvious that I think Sailfin was completely in the right and acted appropriately in contacting MediaFire to take down the files.

As for my response, that probably wasn't appropriate but it's how I feel. I would have ignored her posts about this except all of the likes and you go girl responses needed to be counter balanced, imo. Anyway, I'm done with this and I'm going to try and act my age for at least the rest of the week.

#19 07-03-2013 
Oops, lol. Yeah I just noticed that the douchebag was your tag HW. In that case- carry on. Big Grin

I reblogged (gasp!) and replied too. For the same reason you did. There's also a chance I'm going to make my very own post about TOU's, credit and being respectful. If that makes me unpopular, so be it.

#20 07-03-2013 
It was the "heres another round of “Go frack yourself you uppity bitch.” from me" that pushed my buttons. The copyright and terms of use aspect of it doesn't really bother me, honestly, it was her ignorant responses to Sailfin that offended me.


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