Am I over-reacting?
#21 07-03-2013 
It was her response that angered me. Had she just said oh sorry, I thought they were someone's walls I would have probably given a entirely different reaction. However, internet comments are sometimes taken entirely the wrong way and it is very possible that my initial message rubbed her up the wrong way too.
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#22 07-03-2013 
HW-That's really what bothers me too. Sure it bothers me that no credit was given or permission asked. Not doing so is disrespectful of the creator's wishes. It's the disrespect heaped on top of it all that gets me.

But that's usually how it goes. The person who claims another person is over-reacting is usually the one who's blowing everything all out of proportion.. and that's just what she (Jen-Smustle) is doing. Which usually means that the person knows they were wrong and just can't let it go. And she didn't let it go!

Debs- True, your comment could've rubbed her the wrong way. That doesn't give her the right to call names and be such a douchebag in response.

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#23 07-03-2013 
Indeed, it's not like she was friendly and apologetic in her first response. She didn't apologize at all, and that crack about not putting "THANKS TO SAILFINDRAGON" sounded rather like a passive-agressive mocking.... at least that's how it sounded to me.

I've had minor incidents like this myself. Some folks have broken my ToU - usually in small ways - and I contacted them about it. Most of the offenders apologized in a friendly manner and remedied the situation. No hard feelings. End of story. The response really does make all the difference.

I do think reporting it to MediaFire/Tumblr was an overreaction, but what surprises me the most is that MediaFire suspended access to the file so fast! They couldn't have possibly investigated the situation so fast, could they? Just taking accusers at their word - accusers who could be lying - makes me very wary of using MediaFire as a file host.

#24 07-03-2013 
Medifire suspending access doesn't surprise me. There is lots of drama going on with peoples files being taken down, strikes on accounts, suspended accounts, files with the name 'sexy feet' being taken down etc. There has been a lot of talk about mediafire on GOS and many people are moving over to drop box because of it. They have an act and maybe we will think about it later policy.
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#25 07-03-2013 
Gosh, I didn't know that about Mediafire. I'd expect them to suspend accounts for posting copyrighted movies or something like that, but not for posting sims content! Is Dropbox any better in that regard? Some of these file host sites also have awful policies like "we own anything you upload" so that's another thing to consider when choosing which one to use.

#26 07-03-2013 
I haven’t looked into the drop box's policy, but that is a very good point. With medifire there has been speculation that either T$R or a troll has been reporting things because it's sim creators that have been getting hit the most. I've only used boxnet but then I only have a few things. I think peoples main concern has been with running out of bandwidth, I know I had to wait three days to grab some kids pj's from GOS due to the creators bandwidth running out.

GOS thread:
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#27 07-03-2013 
I've moved to dropbox because mediafire took down one the files of one of my houses because someone reported it. I don't know why they would do that, nor did I have the opportunity to see why is got reported in the first place.

#28 08-03-2013 
Totally unrelated to MediaFire or Box post ahead Big Grin :

I've checked on and off throughout the day to see if there were any more posts about this whole thing. I haven't seen anything new. However! It looks like someone who commented or liked the post HW and I reblogged and replied to either deleted their post or took their like back. Someone has a conscience. And I see that she's got more wallpapers up and gave credit in the post. So maybe someone learned something from this?

You know, since I reblogged a post and replied to it I felt like something had to be done with my neglected tumblr. "mustluvcatz' wasteland" "what should be here is elsewhere" fits me just fine. The cat with a watermelon hat makes it that much better.

#29 08-03-2013 
Watermelon cat! OMG finally! Your tumblr looks so much better like that, MLC! Now you just gotta post more stuff to make the dramaz not be the only thing on your page.

#30 08-03-2013 
I'm a little late to the party here, and I'm also on my notebook so I need to be brief, but I wanted to add my vote to the ones saying that you were NOT overreacting when you contacted her about the walls, Sailfin, and her response was incredibly rude and passive-aggressive. (That part about "THANKS TO SAILFINDRAGON" is just as bad as saying "I'm sorry if you were offended" IMO.) Reporting the file to Mediafire, though, that part I think was a bit too much, but you've already realised that yourself and as they say, hindsight is always 20/20. Heart

Yeah, with Mediafire, you're guilty until proven innocent. If a file is reported, they remove it immediately with no questions asked - and then it's up to the person whose file was reported to prove that they haven't committed whatever transgression they're being accused of. And I say this as someone who had a file removed because someone had claimed it had "sex" in the name and thus had to be porn. The offensive word? "Sextant". (I actually cracked up when I saw that.) The file was restored once I pointed out to Mediafire that a sextant is an instrument used for navigation and hasn't got anything to do with sex in any way (link to Wikipedia, link to picture of my object) - then they concluded that the file had been removed "in error" (ya think? Tongue ). But it was up to me to prove that my sextant wasn't porn, and not up to the person who reported it to prove that it was or up to Mediafire to check that the complaint was valid.

But yeah, stealing somebody else's work and then getting uppity when that person contacts you about it? That's "a dick move" indeed. Angry
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