Changed my TOU
#1 09-03-2013 
I have decided to change my TOU. As someone pointed out to me, since the new EA EULA I have no control over my stuff anyway once it goes into EA software.

All my meshes are share friendly and can be included with recolors.
You can modify my meshes, textures, walls, floors etc.. to assist with your own projects.
You can convert my stuff to Sims 2 or Sims 3.

The only things that I still ask is that:
You give me credit and were possible provide a url to original.
You don't claim my stuff as your own.
You don't upload my creations to a site to download directly.

I don't think that sounds unreasonable. Smile
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#2 09-03-2013 
Sounds fair enough to me.
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#3 09-03-2013 
Sounds very reasonable. What exactly does "file-share friendly" mean anyway? Like including the mesh with recolours and houses? Or allowing people to redistribute your original work on other sites/file hosts? Personally I'd hate the latter!

In any case, it's a generous policy and anyone with an artistic conscience will credit and link in the first place without being asked. Smile

#4 09-03-2013 
I would leave out "All my meshes are now File Share Friendly." or maybe change it to "All my meshes are share friendly". The rest is good, clear and easy to chance of misinterpreting anything.
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#5 10-03-2013 
Sounds good. File share friendly can mean sharable by eMAIL request or by posting at a site or group. One query - the link back part. Suppose the url is no longer valid? We at Saving the Sims face this all the time. I try to provide an updated url if possible, but if it isn't, I figure I've tried! Ginnie
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#6 10-03-2013 
Thank you guys. I have modified it to take into account your suggestions.

@Ginnie - I can imagine. If on the off-chance there is no url for it, then credit would be fine.
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