Walls/Floors lighting issues...
#1 29-03-2013 
Making a set of 'space but not trek' walls and floors - for exteriors. Not metal, not wood, not plastic. I've done a matte ceramic (similar to the space shuttle ceramic tiles look).

The problem I'm having is colour matching between floors and walls.

Inside - no problem.
[Image: Matching01-Inside.jpg]

Outside in the shadows... not that much of a problem, although the floor tiles are darker than the wall, we can blame that on the way the light is hitting it.

[Image: Matching02-Outside.jpg]

Outside in the light however, we're getting quite a difference in colour from the matching values.

[Image: Matching01-Outside.jpg]

There's a significant tonal difference between the wall and floor - and it's not pretty.

I've checked the TXMT, and the co-efficients are the same for both wall and floor:

stdMatDiffCoef = 0.8,0.8,0.8,1
stdMatEmissiveCoef = 0,0,0
stdMatEnvCubeCoef = 0,0,0

The reflectivity is the same as well = 0.5

Differences - Floor as a Reflective Strength = 1.000000, that Walls don't have.
Walls have a huge number of fields that floors don't have.

Is this a known problem, and if so is there an easy fix for it? Or do I need to make the floors purposefully a different colour to mask it?
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#2 29-03-2013 
I think this may be a shader problem and require a fix for that. Ceilings have the same sort of issue and so do roofs. Niol at MTS did a roof shader fix to allow the game to display roofs in the original textures, and I have wished someone would do something like it to fix the horrible yellowing when floor textures are used on the ceiling. Of course, this is beyond my knowledge level, so I could be completely wrong Smile
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#3 30-03-2013 
That sounds reasonable Kate. I'm have a look at Niol's shader and see if I can do something similiar.

Well, after reading the graphics rules.sgr for almost a year now, I can understand what they're doing in the xml, and it looks fairly ok.

But I have NO idea how to set it for floors and walls and ceilings. So hmmm.... I might see if I can talk to someone who is a guru about this.


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