Something needs testing in base game
#1 08-04-2013 
I did some fence recolours, as I can never get any game starter to work, I was wondering if someone could test these for me, please. If I have followed the instruction correctly they should now be base game fences.

Any help in the testing of these fences would be much appreciated.

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They work in my game, however, I can't guarantee they will not crash your game or blow up your computer. Shy

ETA a Pic.

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#2 08-04-2013 
All six showed up with the basegame and look great. I missed them the first time I tested them in AGS because they don't have the custom content star so you might want to mention that when you upload them. I actually took one out and thought to myself I don't remember the basegame having such nice fences -- later I realized they were yours. Big Grin

#3 08-04-2013 
Thank you for testing them Honeywell, I know what you mean about the star Smile I thought I had failed somewhere the first few times, however, I would like to point out there was 9 fences not 6:
3 x Pinegultcher Wood Rail, 3 x Vector Column Fencing & 3 x Wooden Fence. I have attached a pic of the fences to the first post.

Now I just need to work out how to adjust the price, every time I change one to base game the price resets to §0.
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#4 10-04-2013 
Oops! Nine fences, I'm sorry. How are you making out with the prices? I'd offer to help if I knew anything about it but I've never made a fence before.


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