What do you think about cloudflare?
#1 18-04-2013 
I read that cloudflare helps the site to be faster and safer. You have to change DNS. What do you think?

#2 18-04-2013 
It depends. If other sites on the Cloudflare system are getting attacked then you will go down with them.

I think it depends where your users are; if you have a big international userbase then the Cloudflare CDN is a plus; however, the free plan is a bit sucky (you do get what you pay for).

BO complained the site was slower for him when I installed Cloudflare long ago, but that is because the leefish server is in NL (BO lives next door to it) but the Cloudflare server was in Paris and depending on demand you can get load balanced off to a server in yet another country....

For you - with a mainly Italian userbase IN Italy - I think you don't need an International CDN. Just make sure your server is in the EU (Amsterdam is good Tongue)
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#3 20-04-2013 
Thank you, then I don't install it..I would have also had to change DNS, arg


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