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It feels a little silly to post my own creation as a find, but I wanted my valiant testers to know that my trampoline is finally finished and available for public consumption. Big Grin You all rock, you know that, right?

Anyway. The trampoline. It's now called the Sim Bouncer and it functions as follows:
  • Sims aged child - elder gain body skill and fitness, and also fitness enthusiasm if FT is installed - and they have fun while doing it Smile
  • Sims with 3+ body skill can do back flips
  • Sims with 3+ body skill can teach other Sims how to bounce. All Sims can teach, even children
  • Sims can watch when another Sim bounces; they won't gain any skill or enthusiasm, but they'll have fun and be social
  • and finally, this trampoline favours playful Sims, not active ones like other exercise equipment, so it's playful Sims who get the personality bonus of quicker skill building
Have fun, and keep Simming! Celebrate

Note to Testers: I've changed the filename from the test version, but not the GUID, so if you have it in game you'll have to delete the file called obj_nixnivis_skillingtrampoline.package manually.
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With credit and a link, please DO:

- make recolours of my meshes and redistribute the meshes together with your recolours

- include my Bodyshop items with your Sims and my objects with your lots

- use my creations in screenshots, movies or stories; credit is appreciated, but in no way required

But please DON'T:

- take my work and claim it as your own

- upload my work as-is on any website or forum

- use my textures as a base for your recolours

- upload my work on pay/donation sites or to The Sims Resource - yes, that's even though TSR are supposed to be "nice" these days.

- alter or convert my meshes without permission

Thank you for downloading, and Happy Simming!

The Sim Bouncer Screenshot The Sim Bouncer Screenshot The Sim Bouncer Screenshot The Sim Bouncer Screenshot
Download link
#2 18-04-2013
Just grabbed it, looks amazing...all those colours, congrat on finally finishing it. Heart

#3 18-04-2013
Great job!!!

#4 18-04-2013
Been Hanging out for this for ages! Big Grin Yay!!


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