Custom Memory "Had a Great Vacation"
#1 20-04-2013 
Hello, sweetheart! Smile I am begging for your help! Since you're the only person I can rely on I post here and nowhere else Smile So about the problem?.. Smile

But before! I know you have a lot of stuff to do but maybe it would be not a big deal for you to create this pretty useful thing for me and other players of course Smile

I'm a history-maker in my game, I hate play for playing, it's boring! So in Bon Voyage I always hated the fact that in memories tab there is no "visual border" between VACATION memories and others! It's like you've learned Hula and met Bigfoot right after promotion or anything else. Hope you understand what I've said.

Aaaand the request is:
1) Creating custom memory "Had a Great Vacation" with active sim as object and subject, with extracted icon from mementos (a plane with golden star at the bottom). I don't mind description, I can change it myself (the icon either). This memory should borrow the code from "Went on island" or "Mountain" or "Asian" and should be spawned after they returned home, I guess.
2) There's also a second part, yes. Those "went on..." memories should be spawned at the beginning of the vacation.

Please, please tell me is it possible?
Is it possible for you? If yes I can wait whatever it takes and do anything I can for you :3
If not or you are too busy can you please, please recommend someone who is able to make it?

Oh sure, forgot to say thanks for all your great works. I appreciate it and use a bunch of your mods in my game! Angel

With love and candies, DiLight.

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#2 20-04-2013 
Hi dear,

First of all... Do we know each other? I love being called sweetheart, but I'd prefer to know who calls me that Big Grin

Anyway... I'm sure it is possible to make the memory, but to integrate it into the system at an appropriate point in the game... THAT is an entirely different issue. Apart from that, I have no experience at all with making/manipulating memories at this level, so I can't promise you anything except that I will look into it at some point in the future.

I know that it isn't much that I'm offering here, but alas, I have none better to give. I wish I did.

#3 21-04-2013 
Don't be so shy Big Grin

Anyway, thanks and I will wait for any info.
You're a lifesaverSmile
DiLight, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Apr 2013.

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Not even a hint, huh? Pity! Smile


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