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[Image: JULEStinypic_zpsb1ba2dee.jpg]

This is the Jules Visitors chair from the Ikea Stuff Pack with added wheels. Not only do visitors like wheels, it looks pretty nice used with a desk when no visitors are around. Big Grin

Since this is slaved to the in-game chair, you do need the Ikea Stuff Pack for this to work in your game. It can be found right next to the Maxis chair in the catalog for 55 Simoleons and the polycount is 1440.
x 23

Recolor, edit, include meshes with recolors and/or lots.
Just don't claim my work as your own and keep it FREE!
No paysites please!

Jules Visitor Chair - On Wheels Screenshot Jules Visitor Chair - On Wheels Screenshot Jules Visitor Chair - On Wheels Screenshot        
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#9 21-04-2013
MLC you are insane, this is way better than the one I did, I love the wheels and it's slaved. Just threw mine in the recycle bin downloading yours right now. Heart

#10 21-04-2013
So pretty. (And yeah I'm digging the matching wheels too!)

#11 22-04-2013
I always use the default chair lol I never realized that there were even other Maxis color variations. I really should pay more attention to all the beautiful colors in game huh. These look so great, thank you.


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