New First Woohoo Cinematics I've Never Seen
#1 23-04-2013 
I'm really interested in seeing some new first woohoo cinematics I've been missing all these years playing them in the bed. I had my sims do their first woohoo in the hot tub, and it was pretty interesting. They go underwater! I wouldn't be able to um how should I put this 'real life woohoo' underwater in a hot tub personally. I'm interested in seeing what other cinematics there are like car, clothing booth, (can sims woohoo in elevator?), e.c.t. I have sparked curiosity now. Does anyone else know what the sims do in these scenarios.

#2 23-04-2013 
They can woohoo in beds, cars, changing booths, photo booths, elevators, hottubs, and.... hmmm.... am I missing any? In any case I think it'd be way more fun for you to just go try it than to be told what they do. Wink

#3 24-04-2013 
The Apartment life wardrobe. I think that's the only other one I can think of?
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#4 24-04-2013 
Yeah, they've all been mentioned now. I believe, though, that the bed and the hot tub are the only objects for which a "first woohoo" cinematic exists.

#5 24-04-2013 
Saunas and tents if you have Bon Voyage

And hammocks. Not sure if that needs BV.
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#6 25-04-2013 
hmm interesting, I never knew about the BV ones Lee or the hammocks. I guess I'll try that.

#7 29-04-2013 
The hammock one is funny, but I won't spoil it by saying what they do. Wink
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