My new hood Maple Valley, although I'm thinking of renaming it to Drama Acres as it's shaping up to be a real soap opera.

Drama Screenshot          
#2 30-04-2013
Yup - sounds like Drama Acres is a good name for it. To be honest - drama makes for an interesting game though! Big Grin

#3 07-05-2013
Is that mother and daughter having a scrap in the kitchen whilst the brother goes into aspiration failure?

Big Grin

#4 08-05-2013
That is my B&B. The lady in the blue dress was staying there (all playables stay a few days when they first move into the hood) The lady she is attacking is the mayors maid and the guy is the mayors gardener. It's an interactive hood, so all jobs done by playales. The maid fights with everyone!


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