Sims have "The Talk"?
#1 30-04-2013 
I was looking through SimPE's Object Workshop when an intriguing item caught my eye. It's called "Social - The Talk" and is found in the "Unknown" category of SimPE. Upon closer examination, it seems to involve a discussion of birds and bees and love and spaceships (naturally!).

Is this actually a talk option in the game that I've never seen? Or was it a WIP that Maxis scrapped? Anyone know anything about it? I bet it'd be pretty funny to see in action but I just don't have enough BHAV knowledge to figure it out.

#2 01-05-2013 
I've seen it in SimPE, too (when I was looking for a fireplace - can somebody please tell me what they're doing under "Unknown"?) - and my reaction was pretty much Huh because I've never seen it in game, either. It would be fun to see, though. I can just picture my Sim dad solemnly sitting his teenage son down when the son's asking permission to go out with his girlfriend. Wink

And now I'm going to have to go back and have a closer look at it. (Well, after obeying my AV program and rebooting my computer, anyway, lest the thing's going to bug me about it every five minutes. Tongue)
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#3 02-05-2013 
I've had a father sim giving 'the talk' in one of my stories - but to be honest I can't remember if there was ever a selection for it, or whether I just used what was there.
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#4 06-01-2014 
Hey, I'm curious... did anyone follow up with this? I'd love to see this option enabled in the game as it's perfect for storytelling.


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