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#1 05-05-2013 
Hello wonderful creators,

I usally go by the name DutchXfan, but I’m known as Becca as well. Like my name indicates, I’m Dutch and live in the Netherlands. I’ve been playing sims from the moment Sims 1 came out, so it’s been a veeeeery long time. I’ve tried Sims 3, but it’s not my cup of tea, so it's still Sims 2 for me.

I’ve been creating and tweaking other people’s CC or the game files for a long time as well, but most things are just small changes to fit my personal preferences for gameplay and I didn’t ask permission to share. Blush It’s all trial and error and reading lots and lots of tutorials.

By now, I can do simple recolors but I’m bad with creating new textures, I can make new objects with interactions, I can frankenstein bodyparts together (I’m very picky - no holes, smooth normals, right shoe sounds, all the morphs, etc.), and I can do a tiny bit of hacking here and there. (LeeFish was the one who helped making my first mod actually – thank you!)

I’m hesitant to ‘join’ websites, because I tend to disappear a lot, and I’m usually not very chatty (despite this long post *lol*), but you guys seem really nice and make high quality stuff. I like browsing for things here because the website is clean and nice on the eyes, and even though I press the ‘thanks’ button, I still wanted to say ‘hi’ and give you a heartfelt ‘thank you’ in an actual post.

So… hi! And thank you for all the cool stuff. Heart
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Hi Hi, welcome to leefish.

Yea, we are mainly die-hard TS2 players here, I am more of an amateur website maker nowadays, so thank you for the kind comments on the site (I made this). BO's area maybe needs a bit of a revamp but I am waiting for him to say something, I know he is not keen on change.

Feel free to post or not post, and thank you for the thanks.

For creating new textures - I am gonna say have a go with Blender (gasp) - try following the TS3 tutorials just using a sim2 mesh and you will get lovely baked shadows that make texture making a lot easier - the hard bit for me was that my textures always looked so FLAT.
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#3 05-05-2013 
I love baked shadows, but I tend to handmake my own in photoshop which I suspect takes way more time than using blender! Smile

Hi Becca! I've been around since Sims1 too, and Sims2 is wonderful.

[Image: welcome.gif][Image: wave.gif]
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#4 05-05-2013 
Hi Becca,

Welcome to Leefish. Another TS2 creator is always welcome. Smile

leefish;19281 Wrote:BO's area maybe needs a bit of a revamp but I am waiting for him to say something.

I'm not sure what makes you say that, Lee. I see nothing wrong with how things are right now. You made things, like, 99.9% according to my wishes, and I'm happy with how that turned out. But if you have suggestions...

Anyway, this is an introduction thread. I'll stop stealing it Big Grin

#5 05-05-2013 
@ BO. Exactly. Tongue

The rest of the downloads areas are a bit more...um, modern than yours. But if you are happy with it then carry on.
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#6 05-05-2013 
I've never heard of Blender before (except for the mod), so I will defenitely try it out. Thanks for the tip. I fabricate shadows and textures with Paint Shop Pro now, but it's just... bwah. Then again, my game is maxis match, so it's not that much of a problem so far.

As for the website, I really like the 'feel' of this one. Such an nice and easy color scheme and an overal clean look, so kudos. I used to make websites as well (HTML and PHP), and I prefer to manually type my code in Notepad++ or something. Yes, I'm that old. *lol* It's also a weird form of relaxation. It's oddly satisfying to manually close all commands. (That sounds really nerdy.) Anyway, nowadays I usually just play with CSS a bit for my journal or the website with my fanfiction when they need an update, but I still have a soft spot for nice looking (and functional!) websites. Smile

Thanks for the welcome. There are still things I want to learn (like how to do the repository stuff), but I'm sure I'll cross that bridge when I get there. If I happen to make something worth posting, I'll make sure this is the website where it'll be.
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#7 05-05-2013 
Welcome to leefish, Becca! Smile

#8 05-05-2013 
Hello Becca and welcome to Leefish Smile
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#9 05-05-2013 
Welcome to Leefish, Becca! Celebrate
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#10 05-05-2013 
DutchXfan! Hey, I know you! You may not have uploaded anything yet but your kind comments on my uploads (and surely on other people's too) have always been very encouraging. That's an important contribution to the simming community, IMHO. So thanks for that!

I never knew that you make CC too. Hope we get to see some of it here, perhaps in the WIP or pics sections if you're not ready to upload and want opinions or help.

Welcome to leefish! It's great to have you here. vamp


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