Another new theme
#1 03-06-2013 
I have been working on yet another new setup - the test version is live in Sims Finds and Content Updates and I was intending to take that layout across into the downloads/forums.

The menu needs some work and some areas are not finished and so not available to view. Do take a look and give your feedback.
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#2 03-06-2013 
I like it. A lot. Very easy on the eyes (which I love) and modern-yet-not-too-modern. Very classy looking. Smile

#3 03-06-2013 
I like it a lot too. It's warm and inviting. Easy to look at and find what you're looking for. It's lovely.

The darker section headers on index (which only guinea pigs can see right now) are looking good too, I think that's a nice improvement from yesterday. Smile

* fanseelamb is excited to see the final product

#4 03-06-2013 
I like this too, love the colours, very rich looking Smile

* Karen thinks she might have caught a glimpse of this the other week Wink
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#5 03-06-2013 
New theme is coming very well Lee, modern but with elegant style Big Grin

#6 03-06-2013 
Thanks guys Big Grin

I have also changed this section over to the new style so you can see how a reply works.

Blame the smilies on Fansee.

I also added a preview of BO's version of the theme.

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#7 03-06-2013 
mustluvcatz;19708 Wrote:I like it. A lot. Very easy on the eyes (which I love) and modern-yet-not-too-modern. Very classy looking. Smile

MLC - you mean the contrast is better? I remembered what you said about ChicFish so i tried to make this one a bit less bright - if you can read it with no strain then that was my goal.

#8 03-06-2013 
BO's version looks nice too! I actually like it a lot. I like that blazing fire next to the unread thread. Big Grin Celebrate wave Tongue vamp Angel

#9 03-06-2013 
Exactly Lee. Big Grin And thank you for remembering and thinking about it!

OMG. Did you see what Black Pearl Sims did to their forum? I can't stand to be there for more than a couple minutes now. Silly people.

#10 03-06-2013 
I actually really like it - I shall see how it responds though (new obsession)

EDIT: It doesn't - what a missed opportunity Sad


Sorry, that is a members only option