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This is a pretty window seat by the fabulous HL that works in both the Mansion and Garden and OFB bay windows! It is base game, and is slaved to Jonesi's bed blanket, so you will need that. Not that pretty much everyone has it in their Downloads folder anyway!
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#2 11-07-2010
Thanks Cookie - and yay for HL who makes our games more awesome every day

#3 03-10-2010
It's just a pity that neither HL nor anyone else feel they need to LINK to Jonesi's blanket, because the people that do *not* have it, will have a horrible time finding it without that. Poor old men like me, for example...

#4 03-10-2010
Hi there - well, we have this one - - its 20 recolours of the blanket -with the mesh included. These are also awesome recolours BTW.


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