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#11 15-06-2013 
Choco Orange reminds me of a fancy box of orange filled chocolates - the good kind made with high quality chocolate and real orange in the filling, not the kind that just tastes like vague flavourless sweet. With a pretty little ribbon tied around the box. Choco Orange is my favourite theme.

(I was joking about the LimeJuice. That would probably be hard on the eyes. Might be pretty though.)

#12 15-06-2013 
(15-06-2013 05:31 PM)Karen Lorraine Wrote:  Lee, don't worry about purple I wasn't serious, unless of course you really want to do it Smile I'm quite happy with blueberry/choco orange (which reminds me of chocolate, mmm, but not Terry's chocolate orange cos I don't like it!)

I LIKE Terry's Chocolate Orange - though this looks a bit milky and I like Dark Chocolate

#13 16-06-2013 
I'm lookin'... I'm liking. Smile

#14 16-06-2013 
Why did you take my Oily theme? What did you do with it? Why??? Help!!!


#15 16-06-2013 
@BoilingOil Modernising Big Grin

Still some bits to tweak, but I do think it looks nice.

#16 16-06-2013 
Absolutely love it.

#17 17-06-2013 
@leefish: It *does* look good. Absolutely! But that's not my point... It doesn't look at all like the Dark, Slick, Oilish thing we originally went for. That's what I'm sad about.

#18 17-06-2013 
Hmm, well, by swapping out all the variations on a theme set I can reduce the number of templates needed to run the site by about half at the very least. That should make things a little faster.

In addition, this new set up works a little better than the old on mobile devices (phones and iPads) and replicating the old themes really is not possible and still keep the flexibility of the new layout. The old themes were all table based - these are not 100% swapped over, but most of the public areas are swapped and the rest will follow.


#19 17-06-2013 
I wasn't even aware it *needed* to be any faster. The old setup looked and ran great on *my* iPad.

Anyway, I'm sorry I'm raining on your parade here. That wasn't my intention. The site really looks great.

#20 17-06-2013 
My parade is not rained on.

I really am NOT as sensitive as you think Tongue


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