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Why does nobody ever tell me anything??

Look at these gorgeous Arts and Crafts pieces from Buggybooz

x 7

Please do:
  • Include my objects in your lots
  • Use the objects etc in pictures/machinima/stories
  • Let me know if you recolour one of my items so I can post a link in the upload thread.
Please don't:
  • Share the files as downloads
  • Include my meshes with your recolours unless you ask me first.

You can ask me HERE

The Craftsman Screenshot    
Download link
#2 19-06-2013
Because we assume being the Goddess you are you already know everything...Angel

#3 19-06-2013
What Michelle said.

Also Drool!!! These are so gorgeous I want them in real life!!

#4 19-06-2013
There are some lovely recolours over at BPS too Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option