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Far be it from me to blow my trumpet (I don't have the lip/breath control) But here is my very first Master/Slave Repository Mod! Oh and 27 recolours.

Thanks to the lovely Leefish who helped me fix it when I broke it.

I'm still hideously bouncy about successfully doing it. And I will bounce some more!

[Image: bliss.gif][Image: bliss.gif]
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Do not upload to Paysites or TSR.

Apart from that, feel free to use, modify, mutilate, etc. Credit would be nice.

Stendhalic Lighting - Slaved. Screenshot Stendhalic Lighting - Slaved. Screenshot    
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#2 19-06-2013
Great job, Kiri! Big Grin

#3 19-06-2013
Nice! Dang right you should be bouncy! Big Grin

#4 19-06-2013
Yay - good job Kiri


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