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It's come to my attention that people no longer realise that SimWardrobe made meshes for my site at the beginning of the Sims2 game when we first started Sims2 because he wasn't updating his site at the time.

So, if you're looking for SimWardrobe meshes - you'll find the following at Simthing for Everyone.

SimWardrobe Crescent_ArchColumn
SimWardrobe BigSquare_Column

SimWardrobe 2tile_RoomScreen
SimWardrobe 2tile_RoundRoomScreen
SimWardrobe Menuboard01
SimWardrobe 2tile_Tapestry
SimWardrobe 3tile_Tapestry
SimWardrobe 1x2Tile_WallPoster
SimWardrobe 2x2Tile_WallPoster
SimWardrobe TwinVertical_Painting
SimWardrobe 3x2Tile_WallPoster
SimWardrobe TwinHorizontal_Painting
SimWardrobe SmallCircular_Painting
SimWardrobe Fireplace_Painting

SimWardrobe MagazineRack_01 (Bookcase)

SimWardrobe BareBulbCeilingLight_01

SimWardrobe RoundCafeChair_01
SimWardrobe CircularStool

SimWardrobe RoundCafeTable_01
SimWardrobe SquareCafeTable_01
SimWardrobe SimpleRoundTable
SimWardrobe AndrewJackson_EndTable
SimWardrobe 2TileFoldingTable
x 7

Do not upload to Paysites or TSR.

Apart from that, feel free to use, modify, mutilate, etc. Credit would be nice.

SimWardrobe Extra Meshes Screenshot SimWardrobe Extra Meshes Screenshot SimWardrobe Extra Meshes Screenshot SimWardrobe Extra Meshes Screenshot
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#2 22-06-2013
Thanks for this Kiri. ♥
Would you be interested in the tables, chairs & magazine rack being done in the AL wood colours?

* Michelle is bored also can't find the TEXT colour change thingy or the bbcode page. Sad

Celebrate Thank goodness for google, found the bbcode to change colour.

#3 22-06-2013
* leefish sees what you did there

Or not Big Grin

also gosh what small pics Tongue

* leefish squints

#4 22-06-2013
Michelle - Absolutely - I'm also happy to give you a huge list of things to recolour if you like! Big Grin

Lee - I can make bigger pictures if you like. I was just keen to get them up as soon as possible.

Apparently people over at Anno Sims don't know about these and have been sharing them via mediafire, and now that Anno Sims is closing down, they're panicking about where they can find them.


Sorry, that is a members only option