Things that happen in your game that are odd or funny.
#1 22-06-2013 
I think we all had them: moments where your sims surprise you with a odd move, or do something that is funny. (or cute!)

Olive Spectre stealing newspapers is nothing new... her stealing the old newspaper and leaving the recent one, has never happened to me before, until now! I was so surprised by it, that i completely forgot to snap a schreenshot from it.

anyone else have stories of those fun or weird in game moments?
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#2 22-06-2013 
Yeah those newspaper stealing sims are funny. And handy! It's great how they clean up the porch for you!

This one isn't as funny, but I have a sim who's very sweet. She lives with her boyfriend who is a vampire. They have a big house full of kids and cats and lots of things to do and comfy furniture to sit on. But what this sim does, practically every day, is she bypasses all that stuff and marches down to the basement to sit in a chair next to her boyfriend's coffin vampire bed while he sleeps. At first I thought maybe her comfort levels were low or something, but nope - her levels are fine. She just likes watching over her vampire while he sleeps.

#3 26-06-2013 
I guess they have a fairly high attraction, Fansee? Because that will often cause sims to do that: if other factors are of no consequence, they'll try to be as close to their partner as possible. I've seen sims get a cup of coffee, and then walk three stairs, and pass several rooms, only to sit down in a crappy chair next to their partner, in stead of using that highly comfortable armchair that was available directly next to the coffee maker.

#4 26-06-2013 
Yeah they do have high attraction. Awww. That's so sweet. I have another sim who often sits on the bed next to his sleeping partner. Just relaxes there as the partner sleeps instead of going and doing something else. I always found that really sweet too.

#5 26-06-2013 
I think it's awesome that they do that, and things that throw us off too. Smile

#6 26-06-2013 
I had a sweet one yesterday. My heavily pregnant (very friendly but shy family sim) showed up at a friends house and did this little wave and next thing the friend is out on the footpath to talk to her tummy. She wasn't a family sim but knowledge so I decided to give her family as secondary after that.

#7 26-06-2013 
My fave beloved sim was hit by a meteorite and killed. I was a noob and saved. I had had that sim since a baby - never missed a birthday, did everything right. She was due to go to uni when it happened. Sad

I dont play anymore - maybe I should, so much cute I have missed.
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#8 27-06-2013 
@Lee: sorry to hear about your fave dying. That's never fun.

@joanandsarah: that's sweet too, indeed Big Grin Knowledge sims are very compatible with family sims, so often they will do family-style things even without family as a secundary aspiration. I actually like knowledge sims the best because of that. Yet I often find myself giving them family as a secundary too. Smile

#9 27-06-2013 
Dr Karry the knowledge sim has quickly become one of my favourite sims. I had her using the telescope to gain a logic point and she became my first ever natural alien abduction. Big Grin I think I must be the only player to have never have had one before! I've had tons of free time summon aliens but never a random, unplanned for one before. Shame she was female.

Another funny or annoying (depending how you look at it) event with these sims who live on the beach is trying to sneak off from what they should be doing to sun bath. So my very pale, freckly -sk1 guy manages to get himself a tan, while the sk4 guy got himself a really bad sunburn! Sims they make no sense! obviously skin tone makes no difference to how they tan or burn. I'm like no, no, no you should not have a tan! Pale freckly people don't tan! And you lagged my game for minutes giving yourself that nasty burn! Slap It looks terrible with my skin default.

#10 30-06-2013 
With my mod BO - Alien Experiments, females could get Alien-pregnant too. In fact, both males and females could have all kinds of other things happen to them as well, when abducted. (shameless plug)


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