• Classy Black Frock Coat with White Shirt
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This classy black textured frock coat is worn over a lovely vest and masculine white shirt adorned with red jewel. Black pants and boots complete the ensemble, which can be worn as everyday or formal attire. For adult and young adult males only.

Uses an EA Store mesh attached below for those who don't have it since the store is now closed (original store texture also included in mesh .package 'cause that's how it came).

It's not much of an edit really but I like it... and needed to restore my manly-man-stuff reputation after uploading those lace curtains the other day.

Enjoy. vamp
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CREDIT and LINK if you use my stuff.

Mesh and texture edits (aka recolours) are welcome.

You may include my meshes with your recolours.

You may include my content with your own packaged Sims and Lots.

Please do not redistribute my original files in any other way.

Please do not redistribute my sims or altered versions of them.

Please do not post any part of my work on any paysite, including TSR (The Sims Resource).

Have fun!

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Filesize 251.83 KB | File Name fanseelamb - classy black frockcoat - STORE MESH REQUIRED.rar | # of Downloads 1,179  
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#9 24-06-2013
Love it, ty fansee. Smile

#10 15-09-2019
Hi and thanks for this, I downloaded both files but it only shows up with a red shirt Sad what am I doing wrong?

#11 16-09-2019
I downloaded this and got a white shirt. Where do you have the files?

#12 16-09-2019
edit:nevermind the following text was a problem with my game it's working fine now!
I created a new and empty AGS game with nothing but those 2 files in the download folder (nothing in savedsims and only CEP and scriptorium in programfiles) I have all expansions and stuff packs installed. Still the shirt remains red. Even re-downloaded both files and didn't even rename them in case they had to be in a specific order or something Sad checkedin TBS and CAS. Is it supposed to show me both (red & white) or only one? thanks for trying to help
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